A few simple dietary rules must be followed to guarantee a successful treatment:

  • Do not eat hard foods.

  • A baguette or overcooked meat, a slice of salami, crackers, potato chips, and popcorn can all detach braces. A better choice is soft bread or brioche. 

  • Cut potatoes, carrots and other firm fruits or vegetables into small pieces.

  • Do not eat sticky food or sweets.

  • Avoid chewing gum, caramels, Twix, Mars, Carambars, nougats, candy, etc ...

  • Avoid stringy foods such as rhubarb or leeks.

Some spices such as curry and turmeric, as well as beverages like tea or coffee, can stain braces. Consume them in moderation!

These rules are sometimes difficult to follow, but they are essential to the success of your treatment.